Sunday, 7 May 2017

Review: Her Alien Masters

Her Alien Masters Her Alien Masters by Renee Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I reviewed for Book Addict live, 3.5 stars
Mira survived the horrific crash that had inadvertently killed the innocent inhabitants of the planet Pra’kir, facing a possible death sentence along with her four other shipmates. There is no hope of ever returning to Earth, the spaceship exploded the lives of several innocent inhabitants lost, which in turn has led to a very resentful population.
Waiting in prison Mira had anticipated a possible death sentence being requested by the families of those Pra’kirian killed when the spaceship crashed and exploded. She is astounded to discover that she and the four other shipmates are to be “fostered” into society, enabling them to give back their service within their appointed placements for the term of their individual lives.
Mira is placed with the family of three orphaned girls, currently being cared for by their totally unprepared twin uncles, their mother had been killed when her ship crashed and exploded. Within this placement she is to be fostered and disciplined by either of both Jakk and Gav’n, these two enormous HUNKS never shy from their responsibility, often coming up with their own ingenious ideas. They know if they can’t make Mira to submit to the local ways, she can be taken away from them.
Mira, a trained engineer accepts that she will never return to earth, she initially thought caring for three children would be hard however she has quickly started to care for each of them a great deal. The punishments are harder to handle, however the benefits implemented by these two gorgeous hunks more than make up for it in the sex dept. It’s great addition to the series the characters were larger than life, there was plenty of love, laughter, tears and discipline along with some amazing sexiness that will hold any readers imagination I enjoyed the book, and it was a quick easy read. Even though this number 3,it can be read as a standalone
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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