Thursday, 1 December 2016

Review: No White Knight

No White Knight No White Knight by Alta Hensley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not A White Knight

Not a White Knight is actually two novellas previously published in anthologies. So the Author has combined the two stories in one book. The first story was a contemporary, but dark and the second was a Sci Fi, so I am reviewing separately.

Book One
A Hero in Disguise

The story starts with Jessa a young woman lost in West Virginia looking for a holiday cabin she had booked for a break. In an area with little or no phone signal, and sat nav on the blink she is completely lost. Finally seeing a land mark, and seeing signal she stops the car to stretch her legs. Jessa is then kidnapped and chained up with other women. I think you need to read the rest yourself. Jessa finds herself in very dangerous situation and she feels death is the better option. There is some upsetting scenes, but they are over quickly and remember we have a HEA.

Book 2
Pallid Slave
We have planet decimated by years of aggression from another planet trying to discover the secrets in the DNA of the lifeblood twins. So many have died in battle, they have allowed the twins to live because there is not enough to study, and stock must replenished. Sadly our heroine Truth has lost her twin and her lifeblood. When that happens they also lose their colour. They are then sent away to be used as slaves. This is when we meet Truth awaiting transport to a mining planet to be used like a canary in a mine. Our unlikely heroes are a pair of twins Cross and Pike, and the start of adventure. I love Sci Fi and enjoy the imagination that goes in to creating different worlds.
As both books were about 6 chapters each the ends always seemed rushed, but in novella the author has to fit it all in. Sometimes I enjoy novellas in between other books or when I have no time for a large book. Both books flowed well and were easily read. Both with a romance and HEA. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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