Saturday, 3 June 2017

Review: Cherished

Cherished Cherished by Christina Bauer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I reviewed this for Book Addict live,
Wow this series gets better with every book, after defeating Vicomte in book two and Thea rescuing all the Necromancer’s. All she wanted to do was to go back to her family’s farm, and just forget about magic and be a farmer. Phillip her friend’s brother has come to give her advice on fitting in the locals who still see her as a witch.
Betrayed by someone she trusted explicitly, and finding out Rowan needs her help Elea rushes to Casters country.
This is a fantastic book, so filled with action. Elea comes into her own to defeat all to defend and support Rowan. Even though others have other plans for her. When staying with Rowan she finds some of his own family is working against him.
This is a rich colour filled world created by Christina Bauer lets you immerse yourself in the non-stop action. Elea comes into her own with the love and support of Rowan. This must be read after books one and two as this is not a standalone. This is definitely a five star read, as the books have gotten better as the series has continued.
I received a copy of the book in exchange for honest review.

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