Tuesday, 17 May 2016

CADE Book 2 in The Society Series by Mason Sabre

Out now, Cade; Book 2 in The Society Series by Author Mason Sabre

Grab your copy of Cade today and enter the enthralling worl...d of The Others…..
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Without even thinking about it, Cade turned his face and caught her mouth with his before she realised what he was happening. He hadn't meant to, hadn’t planned it. But now that he had, there was absolutely no way to stop it—he had no control. He swallowed her shocked little gasp, and revelled in the way she moaned into his mouth.
His hands went to her waist and he rose with her, turning her and pushing her up against the wall. His body pinned her there while his hands came up to cup her face, their mouths locked together as he kissed her with bruising force. Opening her mouth to him, her response was ardent. Her lips were soft under the firmness of his. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her. Like the kiss they had shared a few nights back, there was a hunger inside him that just couldn’t be sated. He needed more. He deepened the kiss, pouring all the pent-up desire, all the longing into it. Need surged through him, straight to his groin. He wedged a knee between her legs, forcing them apart. He could feel her heat through his jeans, hear her gasp as he pressed a muscular thigh against her intimately. She moaned into his mouth, her hips undulating and her nails digging into his shoulders.
Breathing raggedly, he tore his mouth from hers, trying to get a grip on his sanity. “This is wrong,” he groaned against her mouth, then growled deep in his throat when she slid her hands under his shirt and raked her nails down his strong back, all thoughts of stopping dissipating. He pressed against her harder, hoping to alleviate the ache in his groin, then nipped along the edge of her jaw, down to the sensitive curve between her neck and shoulder. He bit down and she cried out, her nails sinking deeper into his back. " Cade" she moaned breathlessly.


Cade – A Society Book 2
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