Thursday, 13 April 2017

Review: Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief Commander in Chief by Katy Evans
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Commander in Chief by Katy evans
Added note the Audio book has come out, I listened all the night, bringing everything to life for me.
This second instalment in the series starts two months after Matt winning the Election for the Presidency. Charlotte has been travelling with her friend in Europe, but has come back home to watch Matt be sworn in as President. They both knew going into the relationship, if he won the Presidency even though they loved each other they would part. Charlotte still loved him more than ever, and missed him so much.
Matt is still in love with Charlotte, and decided to win her back to his side.
We see through the eyes of one of the most famous couple in America and the rest of the western world how they conduct their relationship.
Matt realises he will do anything to get Charlotte back into his life. When they work closely together as Matt asked her to stand in as the Acting First Lady because he is bachelor.
We see a wonderful romance with Matt trying his to win Charlotte, and run the Country. They both are incredibly busy, but when Matt can put time aside he spends the making feel her feel loved.It hard dating the President of the United States, but both are determined to make it work. So I recommend you press that button and order the book yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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