Monday, 24 April 2017

Review: Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet

Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet by Violet Duke
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I reviewed this book for Book Addict Live,
Before That Night Book one
This was a very emotional read, pulling you into the story and play on your heartstrings.

We meet Addison as she go for a job, so she keep looking after siblings Kylie and Tanner. I should say second job, as she has a part time one that doesn’t pay enough. Addison just needs to buy time so she can save and then on her 21st birthday, then apply for custody for her siblings. While working the late shift at diner where a lot of cops come before and shifts as it is near police station. This is where she meets Caine, and they become friendly, but as the months pass this changes into something more.
I loved this book it made me cry like a baby. I was devastated at the end even though I knew there was a second book going in.
Book 2
Every night without you

We pick up the many years later and Addison moved back to the area with a different identity, and manager of a centre for the homeless halfway house. Helping family become part a community learning to help each other. Caine is driving as he spots Addison and follows her back to the centre.
We find nothing has changed with the reason she left, but Cain and Addison decide to fight the stalker together this time. It was great to meet her siblings much older selves. This book was so heartfelt I was crying and laughing loving Caine so much for his devotion to Addison. These both books are emotional and you just get pulled into the story. If you love romance with suspense and intrigue with HEA then this is for you.
I received a copy of this arc in exchange for an honest review

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