Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Review: Caught on Camera

Caught on Camera Caught on Camera by Madelle Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Caught on Camera is a light-hearted comedy of errors type romance with a guaranteed HEA.
Most of the action takes place over a weekend at the wedding of a model and a Hollywood actor, with a cast of Hollywood’s A-list. The heroine of a tale is a simple chambermaid Rachel who is working very hard to afford her fees for Toronto Film School.
The GM of the Hotel had one rule the housekeeping staff have to be plain. So Rachel in her baggy clothes, mousey brown hair and black glasses fitted the bill. As with all fairy tales when Rachel is in the Brides suite, It happens when Catherine “ Candy “ Kane , CEO of Candy Kane Cosmetics finds her Maid of honour had not been allowed in Canada because she had a conviction for Driving under the influence.
Seeing Rachel she asked her to try on the dress. This is how Rachel becomes a guest as the bride’s cousin and a bridesmaid for the weekend festivities.
This book is very entertaining in many ways. I read this on my kindle, and it was programmed with a song list. Every time we came to a particular part, you pressed the link to You Tube and a very good piece of relevant music played. The playlist was listed at the front of the book, and you could ignore it if you wished. So we have a makeover for Rachel, with blonde highlights and wonderful clothes. So she spends a weekend of romance with a friend of the poor groom.
This is a great book for entertainment value, it’s funny, clich├ęd. As I said a comedy of errors, and Trent accuses Rachel of selling photos to the paparazzi. Rachel was planning to do that, but as she got to know the groom, and realised how he felt about privacy of the wedding ceremony. She couldn’t do that to him. When her phone is found the next day with photos on it. Some very private pictures appear the next day Social Media and television. It obvious they were taken by someone at the wedding. In Trent’s eyes Rachel is the main culprit, when confronted she acts guilty, because she feels guilty. I let you find out the rest when you buy the book.
I recommend this book, if you are the mood for some light hearted entertainment. Sometimes it just what you want. I know it worked for me. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

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